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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Effective Date: This Terms of Service Agreement was last updated in April 2023. Please carefully review this Agreement before using Editors Daily.

General Information

Editors Daily owns and provides intangible copyrighted digital services. We are unable to issue full refunds after the delivery of Services or completion of related services due to their inherent nature. This policy outlines the circumstances in which refunds may or may not be applicable to our services. By making purchases on our platform, users automatically agree to this Refund Policy and commit to complying with its terms.

Eligibility for a Refund

As the proprietor, distributor, and administrator, Editors Daily may grant full or partial refunds for services in exceptional cases. Below are the circumstances in which we may approve customer refund requests:

Service Refunds

  • Service Not Rendered: Buyers can request service cancellation before work on the project commences, provided they submit such requests within the delivery of the services from the purchase date.
  • Delayed Service Delivery: Users may request a refund if the service seller cannot deliver within the agreed-upon time frame due to unforeseen issues on their side. The project timeline begins once the buyer has provided all necessary information for service delivery, such as access credentials and project specifications. Failure to provide this information promptly may lead to a denial of the refund request.
  • Service Not as Described: Users should submit such requests within due days from the project's completion date, backed by clear evidence that the delivered service deviates from its description.

How to Request a Refund

Users can initiate a refund request through your Editors Daily registered email with your name & transaction id details. Editors Daily's financial team will check and get back to you within 3 (three) business days from the refund request date; users have the option to escalate the request to This escalation means asking Editors Daily to investigate the dispute and make a decision. Editors Daily will review the dispute within 7 (seven) days of escalation and make a determination based on the information provided by both parties. Users should supplement their initial claim with detailed and well-founded reasons for seeking a refund, referencing this Refund Policy. Before submitting a refund request, users should ensure that it aligns with our Terms and Conditions.